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2021 Latest Review:Branch Insurance

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Branch Insurance offers a simple buying experience with instant prices, policies that can be customized, and customer discounts. The claims process is soo simple and they’ll even handle canceling your existing insurance policy for you.
Branch Insurance is a typical insurance company. They offer the primary types of insurance which include home, auto, renters, and umbrella insurance. Here is what you can expect:
Home Insurance
It offers a standard homeowners policy, which includes:

  • Category A (Main Structure). Your insurance should always protect the physical structure of your property. This also covers anything attached for example a garage, patioor carport.
  • Category B (Detached Structures). There are chances that you have other buildings on your property. This is perfect for protecting things like a gazebo, or detached garage.
  • Category C (Belongings). You likely have tons of belongings inside your home. Even if they are not valuable, a burden to replace them. This one makes sure that all your stuff is covered but there are two ways you can get protected. You can have RCV, which offers a new product’s full price. Second, you can have the actual cost value (ACV), which only covers the item’s worth right now, after depreciation
  • Category D (Loss of Use). When a certain disaster strikes, you may have to move out of your house. If it happens, you need extra money to pay for additional living expenses.
  • Category E (Personal Liability). One advantage of having homeowners insurance is that you are protected against lawsuits. Let’s say someone injures themselves on your property, your personal liability coverage kicks in to ensure that you can avoid paying out of pocket.
  • Category F (Medical Bills). Your policy can also help cover the injured person’s expenses.

Renters Insurance
This policy type breaks down into multiple sections. Renters policies are typically smaller than homeowners’, so you might need to add floaters to cover high-end assets.
Before you sign your policy be aware that there are some significant exclusions. Your landlord might have some extra protection like flood insurance on the building, but it would be limited and not extend to anything inside your rental unit.
Fortunately, you may also receive renters insurance discounts for being proactive. For instance, let’s say you install a home security system, you can save money because there is less burglary or theft.

Auto Insurance
No matter where you auto insurance is a requirement. You can however get away with limited liability coverage, but it helps to get as much protection as possible. After all, you cant avoids accidents.
Also, if you have a minor accident, it can still cost you quite a bit if you do not have the right insurance.
Here are some of the elements you can get with auto coverage:
Liability Insurance. Even if you are careful while driving, the chances are that you will run into something or someone at some point. If it happens, liability protection will definitely help cover any costs associated with such damages.
Uninsured Motorist. You should note that not everyone abides by the law. For instance, let’s say you get into a collision with someone who has little or no insurance, you can still get financial compensation with this coverage option. Uninsured motorist insurance only applies when the other driver is at fault otherwise, liability protection will.
Personal Injury Protection (PIP). If you are involved in an auto collision, you might get hurt. This helps cover your medical bills, as well as any other additional costs associated with your injury, such as lost wages. Unfortunately, it’s not available in every state.
Physical Damage. There are two ways that this coverage can protect your vehicle. First of all, if you damage something while driving, secondly, if someone else hits your car while it is parked. For instance, if a skateboarder wipes out on your hood, this insurance will cover the repair costs.
Umbrella Insurance
This insurance increases both your liability protection and covers situations that your standard policy will not cover. This protection does not increase your limits for yourself or your property.
If you want to raise your coverage for physical belongings, you will definitely need to add a floater for specific items. Umbrella insurance only applies for liability damage or injury to other people.
The Carrier
When shopping around between insurance companies, you will notice that many have both online and in-person options. With Branch Insurance, everything is all online making it fast and convenient to get the coverage.
One advantage of Branch Insurance is bundling home and car insurance in as little as 30 seconds. All you have to do is submit your personal information, wait for a credit report, and get an insurance quote instantly.
Where is Branch Insurance Available?
Currently, Branch operates in six states, including, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.
The Claims
Since Branch Insurance is a tech-forward company, filing a claim is way too easy. The website even offers a premium calculator for auto insurance which will impact your monthly rates.
The Conclusion
If you like the idea of working with a high-tech insurance company, then Branch Insurance is the perfect solution to protect your property and cars.

People who switch to Branch save an annual average of $598*


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